Pearce Environmental Technologies provides services for the wastewater, water, and storm water industry. Our focus includes both residential and commercial applications. Services offered include, but are not limited to:

  • Septic Inspections for point-of-sale properties
  • Drinking Water sampling/testing, Well service resources
  • Subsurface Operator for on-site and remote site systems
  • Septic system installation/repair/operation (residential/commercial)
  • N.C. Public Utility Contractor (WP & SD) to handle complex and large scale systems
  • Drain video inspection
  • Pump installation/replacement
  • Specialty applications with wastewater transfer (community scale, etc.)

Pearce Environmental Technologies brings together many years of experience of related services. We have the ability to respond to your requests and offer resources to all of your wastewater needs when dealing with on-site systems, and to your drinking water needs. Our specialty is moving water to the appropriate destination. As in the past, we have partnered with other providers of related specialty services (ex. Electrical and plumbing services, engineering firms, etc.) to handle larger/specialty scenarios should your needs dictate.