Our Service Area

Dependent on the services requested, we have an unlimited response/service area. Septic inspection services are offered in Wake and ALL surrounding counties (Chatham, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Orange, Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Nash, Person, Warren, Wilson, Vance to name a few). Wellwater sampling services mirror the above counties. Septic installations are available in surrounding counties as well as statewide on specialty, large-scale systems. When in doubt, please call for information 919-971-4599.

Other Services

In addition to the services listed above, drain video inspection services are also available in a wide range of counties throughout the state. These services are offered for sites such as commercial building punch list finals, underground piping inspection, septic system mapping, etc. Fees are dependent on the services requested.

When Maintenance is in question

The frequency and amount of maintenance needed for any type of application is based on the usage and the application in question (ex. wastewater pumps used for farm applications, wastewater pumps for residential and commercial usage, water systems for multiple receptacle sites). Our goal is to approach each system based on the individual scenario that occurs at the site. The intention is to provide practical solutions for system maintenance/access.